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Ministry of Industry’s Domestic and National Production Conference to be Held in Ankara

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Public Procurements Role in Technological Transformation, National and Local Production Conference will be held on February 6, 2018 at ATO Congresium under the sponsorship of Ministry of Science Industry and Technology

The Public Offering of Enerjisa Has Been Concluded

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The ultimate price in the public offering per lot at a nominal value of TL 1 consisting of 100 shares at a nominal value of TL 0.01 has been determined as TL 6.25. Three investors from the US and the United Kingdom have acquired shares more than 5 percent

Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Şimşek's Noteworthy Statements

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"Treasury plans to diversify markets this year for USD 6.5 billion foreign borrowing. We may make borrowing from Chinese and Russian markets. Under the system we put now, who has no foreign currency income will not be able make borrowing in foreign currency. Credit debts of about 26 thousand companies whose credit balance is below of USD 15 million correspond to about USD 46 billion. We think these companies to be directed to make borrowing on TL will not constitute pressure over banking system. Treasury cannot guarantee bank credits forever. We expect over USD 12 billion direct investment in 2018. We are fully determined to decrease inflation this year."

TMB Meets with Qatar's Minister of Public Works in Ankara

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TMB Chairman Yenigün: "We know that infrastructure and superstructure projects worth approximately $150 billion are expected for Qatar. Turkish contractors are open to any cooperation model including joint ventures and consortiums in line with their experience with international partnerships."

EBRD Increases the Investment Program for Corporate Bonds in TL by 1.2 Billion TL

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EBRD has participated in funding such significant projects as Eurasia Tunnel, Etlik, Elazığ and Konya PPP City Hospitals, Ataköy-İkitelli Rail System Line and Stage 4 Rail System Line of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in Turkey...

TMB’s Construction Sector Analysis January 2018 (I)

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"Indicators that the revitalization of demand which increased to some extent at certain months of year, lead to heightened concerns on the sustainability of this trend. It is of importance to continue supporting the sector because of the real estate stock, general cost increases in all fields as the result of foreign currency fluctuations and increase trend of house credit interest rates which are already above monthly 1%."

A Public Offering is Being Made for Enerjisa

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The price for 1 lot (nominal TL 1) of shares has been determined as TL 6.25-7.50; the book building process will be realized on the dates of February 1 & 2 and Enerjisa shares will be started to be traded at the stock market on February 8

State Owned Bank of China (BOC) is Interested in Financing the Infrastructure Projects in Turkey

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BOC’s Country Director for Turkey Ruojie Li: “The most important factor in our decision on investing in Turkey is the effect of the initiative of China for the Silk Road, One Belt, One Road. We want to finance infrastructure investments such as energy, telecommunication, railways and seaports in countries that take part in the “One Belt, One Road” initiative. Chinese companies will participate in these projects either as investors or contractors and our bank will be a financing partner in these projects.”

EMRA Released Methods and Rules For Unlicensed GES Applications

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It will facilitate installation of 10 kW (included) and below capacity roof type solar energy systems. 10 kW below roof type solar energy systems will be connected to network at the calibration point of related consumption facility

Quality Management Seminar to be Held in İstanbul Under the Cooperation of Japan Establishments



In the Seminar to be organized on January 24-25, 2018 under the cooperation of Nuclear Industry Clustering (NÜKSAK) and JAIF & JICC (Japan Atomic Industrial Forum & Japan International Cooperation Center), information will be furnished on participation in product and supply chain in nuclear power plant projects

Infrastructure Investments General Directorate (AYGM), Canal Istanbul Project

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Transportation Minister Arslan: “The 45 km Küçükçekmece-Sazlıdere-Durusu corridor has been determined as the routing of Canal Istanbul Project.”

World Bank Publishes the Economic Expectations Report

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The expected growth for the global economy is revised upwards to 3 percent for 2017, 3.1 percent for 2018, and 3.0 percent for 2019. The performance of developed countries were particularly effective in the upward revision of global growth expectations. The expectations of the United States, Eurozone and Japan were raised. The expected growth for developing and emerging economies were revised only for 2017 The expected growth of Turkey for 2017 was raised to 6.7 percent World Bank Head Economist Ohnsorge: "We expect the cost of global funding to increase. This may affect the borrowing costs for countries such as Turkey which are heavily dependent on financial flows. The actual challenge is to sustain growth at a time of stricter funding conditions."

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