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Enka Undertakes the Pier Construction Works at Port Umm Qasr in Iraq

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An agreement worth $ 74 million is signed between Enka İnşaat and Aloreen Investment

TÜİK Has Announced the Unemployment Rate for February 2018

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Unemployment rate has declined to 10.6 percent. The amount of the unemployed decreased by 546,000, reaching 3,354 million

German Company Thyssenkrupp Establishes a Manufacturing Plant in Turkey

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Thyssenkrupp Elevator Global Board Member and CFO Ercan Keleş: "We see that the quality of 'domestic and national' recently bears a great significance for Turkey. We believe that our new investment will contribute to this concept." Turgay Şarlı, the General Director of Thyssenkrupp Elevator Turkey: "Our plant will start with a minimum domesticity rate of 54 percent in the beginning, and reach 90 percent next year to increase the rate of domestic production for the escalators used in Turkey."

World High Speed Railway Congress and Fair (I)

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Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communication Minister Ahmet Arslan, "In recent 15 years, we have made total 18.5 billion Euro in railway sector. Of this, 4.7 billion Euro is for high speed railway projects, 715 million Euro is for high speed railway projects. Turkey is the country where the highest railway construction process underway after China. Until 2023, we will make 39 billion Euro investment more in railway sector."

Chief Financial Officers Summit (CFO Summit) to be Held in İstanbul in May 2018

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The Summit will be held in Hilton Istanbul Bomonti Hotel on Tuesday, May 15

The European Commissioner in Charge of Transport, Violeta Bulc, Visits Turkey

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Bulc is expected to have a meeting with Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım, Minister of the Interior Süleyman Soylu, and Minister of Transport Ahmet Arslan Bulc: "My second visit to Turkey in less than a year is another confirmation of our efforts with the strategic partner of the EU. Turkey is turning into a leading country in global aviation industry with the third airport in İstanbul, which is striking for its fast construction process. The EU Aviation Agreement will enable Turkey to join a larger joint field of aviation in Europe. This agreement may provide a revenue up to €5 billion."

IRENEC 2018, Renewable Energy Conference

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The conference where Renewable Energy will be taken up with all aspects will be organized in Istanbul between the dates of May 7 and 9, 2018…

Short-Term External Debt Stock as of the End of February Reached $123 Billion

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The short-term external debt stock increased by 5% in 2 months compared to the year-end 2017. The majority of public short-term debt is made up of public banks, and reached $24.5 billion with a 11.5% increase compared to the year-end 2017, while the short-term external debt of the private sector reached $98.2 billion with a 3.5% increase

Total Debts of the Private Sector for Credits Provided from Abroad Reached $ 247 Billion as of the End of February 2018



Credit debts of the private sector displayed an increase of $ 8.1 billion in 2 months since the beginning of the year. Long term debts reached $ 227.9 billion as of the end of February and short term debts to $ 19 billion. Taking a look at the distribution of long term debts in terms of countries, it is observed that European countries rank the first with an amount of $ 116 billion, followed by Asian countries with $ 40.7 billion and USA with $ 27 billion

Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) Disclosed the Unemployment Figures for the Month of January 2018

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The unemployment rate is recorded as 10.8 percent - The number of unemployed people realized as 3 million 409 thousand in January decreasing by 576,000 people compared to the same period last year…

OMV Increased Paid In Capital of OMV Samsun Electricity A.Ş. to TL 2.5 Billion

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OMV Samsun Electricity Director General Öztürkmen, "Increase in electricity demand will continue in parallel to economic growth. In next ten years, electricity consumption expected to grow by about 4% each year."

The Current Account Deficit Realized as $ 4 Billion 152 Million in February

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The current account deficit having increased by $ 1.6 billion compared to February last year reached $ 4 billion 152 million in February. The 12-month current account deficit has thus reached $ 53.3 billion as of February 2018

IMF, Global Financial Stability Report

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“Credits allocated to firms display an increase when financial conditions are looser. Loose financial conditions result with the allocation of riskier credits. An increase in the riskiness of credit allocation signals heightened downside risks to GDP growth and a higher probability of banking crises.“

Ziraat Bank Secured USD 1.4 Billion Syndication Credit

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Ziraat Bank Deputy Director General Kuru, "This borrowing has been the highest amount syndication credit secured by a Turkish bank at one time. Total cost of credit of USD 452 million and 797 million euro, has been for one year term Dollar LIBOR+130 base point and for Euro EURIBOR+120 base point."

IMF’s World Economic Outlook Report

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"Demographic structure of developed countries has been the most important element affecting the participation to work power. Immigration policies have to be regulated so as to support labor supply. Labor force income disparity originates from income imbalance among all sectors. Policies inclusive of all sectors have to be pursued. Globalization maintains the dispersing of technology and growth among countries."

A Technical Cooperation Protocol Has Been Signed between Alstom Turkey and Istanbul Technical University (İTÜ)

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An agreement is signed on April 3, 2018 before Rector of İTÜ Karaca, Alstom’s Managing Director for Turkey Arban Çitak and Mama Sougoufara, Alstom Group’s Deputy President of Infrastructure for Middle East and Africa

Annual Inflation in March is 10.23%

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CPI increased 0.99% in March 2018 compared to previous month, 2.77% compare to December of previous year, 10.23% compare to same month of previous year and 11.14% on 12 month averages

A Notification on Amending the General Communiqué on Public Procurement Practices Has Been Published



The administration will have to take necessary measures in case an application is made to the administration on the implementation of the provisions of an agreement by candidates or applicants from contracting party countries in international agreements

The Growing Foreign Trade Deficit of Turkey Reached $5.76 Billion in February

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The Foreign Trade Deficit of Turkey in reached $5.761 billion with a 54.2% increase in February 2018. Thus the rate of exports meeting imports declined to 69%. While the exports to the EU increased by 23.4% in the same period, the most exports were made to Germany with $1,359 billion. The most imports were made from China with $1,863 billion of imports

Turkey Grew by 7.4% in 2017

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Share of household consumption spending in GDP has been 59.1%, Share of State in final consumption expenditures 14.5%. Share of fixed capital formation has been 29.8% Deputy Prime Minister Şimşek, "In 2017, growth has been realized on domestic demand basis, net foreign demand has limited positive contribution on growth. Annual 11.7% real increase of machinery-equipment investments in the second half of year, supports the growth Outlook in the forthcoming period."

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