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ICCI Digital Conference Will Be Held on the Dates of September 29 & 30, 2021

ICCI Digital Conference where energy will be taken up in different aspects will be realized online…

It is disclosed that ICCI Digital Conference to be organized by ICCI Digital Energy Platform will be held online on the dates of September 29 & 30, 2021.

The focal points of the conference of which the program and speakers are not yet disclosed will be as follows: “Energy Management in Extraordinary Circumstances – Kojentürk (Turkish Cogeneration Society) Special Session, Privatization Practices in Power Transmission, Emission Reduction Certificates and Carbon Credit Trade, Renewable Energy Resource Guarantee Certificate (YEK-G) System and Digitalization in Power Generation (Guarantees of Origin), The Role of Natural Gas in the Net Zero Target, Energy Law and Arbitration in Investment and Operation Stages, Sustainable Utilization of Renewable Resources, The Importance and Future of Power Generation from Bio Resources, New Technologies in Power Generation, Carbon Border Tax, Hybrid Energy Systems, Distributed Energy, A New Actor in Energy: “Hydrogen”, Operation and Maintenance at Power Plants, Water Management and Cooling Systems at Power Plants, E-mobility and E-charge.”

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